Today was Old Skool Tuning Day
Some of you may know my weekend car is Bobby the XJS Convertible
After a winter in the garage – she is now MOT’d taxed and ready to go
But after a day trip out to Bodiam Castle things were not very good, she kept stalling at lights – not a good scenario in an automatic.
No split or loose vacuum tubes were found so off with her to Jas Rai at JRM in Medway City Estate – a good friend and excellent mechanic – after an hour of trying to get the Crypton machine turned on we did an exhaust gas analysis on her.
Results were that she was running very lean – only 0.29% co and 200 hydrocarbons an idle ( limits are 2% and 300 hydrocarbons )
Jas did a little tweeking and after a few turns hither and thither on the enrichment we have 1% co and 230 hydrocarbons and she was running a lot sweeter
Further testing holding the revs at 2200 rpm ( equivalent of 70mph in top) readings showed 0.69% co and 160 hydrocarbons – this is much nearer the correct readings for the 4 litre straight 6 Jaguar – and the road test proved it – no stalling and a much smoother drive.
Thanks Jas ( master technician ) I cannot recommend you highly enough. His knowledge is unquestionable and thats why I am happy to send my customers down to JRM when they need mechanical repairs and servicing to their cars.
Jas can be contacted at JRM AUTO REPAIRS on 01634  296326 his workshop is on the Medway City Estate    –   Dave